Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Pope

Well we now find that the Catholic church has a new pope, congratulations! There was one problem I thought of that really sticks out. This pontiff is really very old. Our Catholic friends may find themselves picking a new pope in just s few years; however, God knows best. I am definatly not Catholic, but I am a Pentacostal(yes we are all Christians).
On another note my schools studant body elections are tomorrow and I can not decide who to vote for for studant body president. This is hard because neither candidates are the same faith as I(Christian). One has no religious values really and the other is Islamic, I do not know what her views on many things are so I find it hard to pick between the two candidates. I think the Islamic candidate would probably have a firmer moral backround in many areas, such as she would probably be more honest and les likely to steal and so on which makes think she may be the best candidates. I try not to discriminate by religion alot but like I said I am not sure about some of her views, but at least I know she has views. God bless everyone(even the Muslims, many of them are good citizens of their countries, and wonderful members of their community, do not judge them as if they like Bin Laden)


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