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I just did this interview, I thought it was pretty interesting so I'll share and see what you all think (my answers in italics):

> What does Spiritual warfare mean to you?
Spiritual warfare, in simplest terms, is the enemy attempting to keep us out of relationship with God in way one or another. There are numerous "strategies" but the goal of all of them is the same.
> What do you believe to be your purpose in life?
> There is much confusion about this, but ultimately life's purpose is not about something or somewhere, but someone. I believe life's greatest purpose is intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Occupations/talents/gifts are secondary to this.
> What Bible passage is your favorite?
> As far as we can have "favorites" I'd say Hebrews 12:1-3
> Who is your favorite Bible character apart from Jesus?
> Apollos
> Other than Biblical figures, who have been your heroes
> of the faith?
> Jim Whittaker, Mark Carter, D.S., John Ervin, my father to name a few
> In your mind what event has had the greatest effect
> upon the moral degradation of America?
> The Church abandoning the Gospel of Christ for political power.
> In a nutshell. what are your end times views?
> I'm a pre-tribulationist with a futuristic interpretation of Revelation
> What role(s) do you believe that Holy Spirit plays in
> our lives as Christians?
> I don't know is if I can provide an exhaustive list; but He fills us, empowering us for righteous living and ministry, He makes intercession for us, convicts of sin, and guides us in our relationship with Christ, as well as speaking to us individually in regards to various things (like I said, not exhaustive, but a start).
> To what degree are you responsible for your own
> sanctification?
> Essentially, since it is the Spirit that empowers us to live righteously, our only role is in following Him as He leads us in living God's Word (both written and spoken). This is not to say we have a passive role though, for we must follow and I don't think God is going to stop moving.
> What does baptism mean to you?
> Baptism represents dieing to sin (going under) and being made alive in Christ (resurrected/coming up)
> How do you feel about the death penalty?
> I feel it is not preferable, but may be necessary. In regards to the political aspect I think it is a state issue and should not be handled by the federal government.
> How do you feel about physical war?
> It is certainly not desirable, but is sometimes unavoidable.
> What is your take on the Iraqi war?
> At the time the decision was made to go to war we had legitimate reasons to do it. However, the war has been badly mis-managed. We need to set practical goals for the stabilization of Iraq, reach those goals, and get out ASAP.
> What do believe about the New World Order conspiracy?
> It's not a conspiracy, it's a reality. Governments have tried many times in the last century to create similar bodies and I believe with the European Union we are closer then we've ever been.
> How do you feel about the Patriot Act?
> 100% un-Constitutional, it needs to be repealed and done away with immediately.
> What are your thoughts on the 2008 presidential
> election?
> We are not going to get a great president. At present I lean towards John McCain, though not very strongly. I'd vote for Ron Paul on a 3rd party ticket.

> In your opinion, which political system is most
> compatible with Christian spirituality?
> In terms of freedom to practice Christianity I'd say a Constitutional Democratic Republic. However, not political system should hinder a sincere believer from practicing, look at Paul and Peter in the Roman Empire.
> Can Christians truly be tolerant?
> Absolutely, in fact I think we as Christians should lead in the community of tolerance. That is not to say we must agree with or support everything, I certainly don't support same-sex marriage or abortion, but that is not to say I'm intolerant of people who do. I disagree with them, and I'll debate anyone anytime, unashamedly, but Christ was never intolerent, rather He left us an example of moral love and concern.
> What is your favorite movie?
> Amazing Grace
> Which 5 posts from your blog(s) do believe to be most
> significant? (post the links here)

> "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" -

"Time for Some Apologetics" -
Family of God"

"A Generation in Chaos" -

"When God Crashes a New Years Party"-

> What other blogger(s) would you like to see
> interviewed?
> N/A


Blogger FishHawk said...

Be assured that your answer unto the question about Christian tolerance was better than mine. I am curious about why you picked Apollos as your favorite Biblical character apart from Christ Jesus, why you would vote for Ron Paul and what your views are about the times addressed in Revelation???

Sun Apr 06, 07:44:00 PM 2008  
Blogger sweetswede said...

I like Apollos because he was a go-get-them kind of guy. He started out as an incredible debater, so I relate to that. Aside from that everyone always picks one of the more prominent Apostles, and I like the underdog.

I'd vote for Paul because he's a true small-government fellow. And I don't like any of the current major candidates (I could vote for McCain, but I'm not crazy about him).

As far as Revelation I believe the events that are described are specific ones that will primarily take place in the future. Some propose those events will occur with each and every generation, or they took place in the past, whereas I hold they have a definitive, objective fulfillment in the future; culminating with the end of this world and the 1,000 year Reign.

Hope that helps.

God bless!

Mon Apr 07, 11:14:00 AM 2008  

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