Thursday, April 21, 2005

Down with stupidity; up with morality

America is in the middle of one of the worst peroids we have been in. This thing does not just fix itself; we as the people of America muat stand strong and say "we are cictizens hear us roar". Did you notice though, that the more America and the ACLU(who have never lived up to their name) seperate from God, the worse of we become. Look at the fall in moral standards since abortion was legalized, the Bible was taken out of schools, and judges started legislating from the bench. This thing is not just morals, our economy is worse, people show no respect, more than half of all marriage ends in divorce, the majority of youth have no self-esteem and no goals, we are now the most morbidly obese country in the world( fifty pounds of food that goes to fat on 100,000,000+ million people could feed alot of Ethiopians), we have the most illiterate people in the world, and so on. How long America? How long? Maybe if we wait longer all of our scoutmasters will HAVE to be gay, we can all be fined for saying Merry Christmas, or Happy Kwanza. So how long are you really going to sit down and let our nation rot? I am ready to say "enough, lets get back to how this nation started, it worked for Washington". Did you know that out of 55 people who formed the constitution 52 were active members of their church? We can take America back to its Biblical foundations, and we can do it together!

FYI: here is a list of things that many think can not be done in school but are perfectly legal.
1. Studants, may carry a Bible, or other religious book to school; however, if the class is supposed to be working on something you can get your Bible confiscated, along with CD players, and other things. You may read it on campus before and after school,lunch, free periods, study halls normally, and during a class when the teacher has given you free time.
2. You may start a Bible, or Christian club if there are other clubs such as metaphysics at that school and you meet all the reqs.
3. Studants can pray during school as long as it does not disrupt the class, you may also pray around the flag, and have Bible study sessions before and after school.
4. You may say Merry Christmas and other religious holiday greetings regardless of ACLU threats.
5. Religious songs are perfectly acceptable for the school choir to sing.
I hope this helps you; you may comment regardless of weather you are a blogger of not, I may choose to display your comment and by commenting you recognize you are open to being quoted, disagreed with severly, verbal assult, or agreement along with anything I see fit. By commenting or coming here you agree that I may do this and what I say at my blog goes, you are welcome to comment and disagree however.


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