Monday, August 15, 2005

John Roberts

Well, we have here a political battle. Is Roberts conservative or not? Is he pro-gay? Does he sympathize with abortion clinic bombers?

Honestly conservative you may call me, but I've heard so much about this guy if half of its true I would never want him to serve on our Supreme Court. Maybe he is against the Roe V. Wade desicion, but if he's really pro-gay I don't want him there. I am whole-heartedly against abortion, but you don't bomb an abortion clinic.

Abortion is an issue not delegated to the federal government, so some would argue it should be left to the states; but, with modern science we can show life actually starts very early inside the womb. This being the case ABORTION IS MURDER! A women has the right to choose, she can choose to keep her legs shut or spread them out.

Most gay-rights issues amount to special priveliges for gays. A buisness should not be required to hire a certain number of gay employees, nor should the BSA have to have gay scoutmasters. We as Christians should reach out into this world of sinners. If you have no contact with sinners how can you witness to them? God can change the gay, the child molester, the thief etc...

Remember weather Roberts gets the seat or not, God is in control. "Can you add any days to your life by worrying?" We just need to do God's will, He'll take care of the rest. God bless


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