Friday, April 22, 2005

Just blog'n

Whats the differance between a clarinate and an onion? Nobody cries when you chop a clarinate up. Ok maybe not the funniest thing ever said but come on did you smile? Well so far the only thing I know about the treason thing is the school is "investigating". The kid will most likely not get punished because the guy investigating is the football coach and the kid is a player and Mr. X would never punish one of his own. If anyone is reading this please tell your friends about it for quick easy access go to that is how they can get here. So what is the deal with the minute men? I think our country can use them and should be greatful as long a Mr. Bush ignores the borders. Really we have hundreds of thousands of people coming over that border every day, the number on the Arizona stretch is down by 2/3rds, from last year. See how effective these minute men are? As long as they are not being abusive they are doin good. Really a fence aint stopping nobody( and aint is a word check the dictionary). I would like to thank all the minute men( and women) for what they are doing.

On another note does anyone know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Really I think I might get a team of lollipop specialists on that to find out, any volunteers? Who knows if someone proves they tried I may let them help run this blog (even though these are free go make one). Anyway good luck in your efforts, anyone who tires this and completes it deserves an award.

So have I got any Scots or Swedes out there, I am both and I would greatly appreciate if you could fill me in on some traditions of these cultures, like I said last time you do not have to be a member to post, all terms applicable which are determined by me.

Well I think I've blogged you out if you're still reading this, if you have any subject in particular you want me to talk about just let me know in a comment. God bless you all


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