Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Defense of LOTR

I've decided to post a defense of thre lotr trilogy. While many Christians say the books are full of evil, I am one Christian who disagrees. One evil that might come from lotr is if one becomes so obsessed by it you make it more important then God.

Witchcraft in lotr: Yes there is indeed witchcraft in these books; however, the witchcraft is commited by evil people and it is portrayed as evil.

Gandalf a good wizard?: There is no such thing as a good wizard, and heres my defense of Gandalf. The wizard in Tolkiens day was simply a master of illusion, and Gandalf is only called a wizard by the people of middle-earth because they think he looks like one. In reality Gandalf is a Maia (Mair?). These people were sent by Illuvatar, the creator of middle-earth, in order to combat Sauron (whose story is very much like that of Satans). All of Gandalfs power comes from Illuvatar, the real witchcraft comes from the other end, from Sauron. I must grant Gandalf is a sorcerer, based on the grounds that a sorcerer can be someone who smokes (what they smoke I'm not sure).

The Palantir: I know in elvish palantir means "farsighted". While these look like crystal balls they really aren't. Anyone can use them, even simple Hobbits, and weak-minded stewards. Tolkien offers no explanation to how these work (being able to communicate through stones), but most evidence leads away from them having anything to do with the demonic.

Furthur defense would take a long while, but if you have any other questions feel free to ask. God bless you!


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