Friday, October 07, 2005

Harriet Miers

It should come as no surprise to you that I insist on taking a "far right offensive" stance on this issue of our most recent Supreme Court nominee.

From what we can gather Miers is a Texas Conservative, Fundamental Christian, and probably not one to vote with the likes of Scalia or Souter. I am very happy to see a conservative be appointed here, and honestly I could care less what mainstream America thinks. Even though a mojority of Americans are pro-life, pro-religious, pro-Constitutional rights, the left gets to claim that there views, which are in Newtons law "equal and opposite" to mine, are that of mainstream America.

Don't heed political jargon such as that. Terminology like that is meant to make people think their senator in Washington actually cares about them. So without the big poli terms lets look at Harriet Miers. (I'm not out to please people, if I was I would have given politics up long ago, and I pay little attention to "rules of war" in political issues, so far-lefts can expect a beating).

Miers: Fought pro-choice stance for national bar association, Bravo! Appears to know that there is right in wrong, and believes in the sanctity of mariage, thank God! Is probably against seperation of church and state (which I can't even find in the Constitution), Encore! Is being portrayed as a far-right winger with possibly farther right views then mine. Conclusion, we could've used someone like her long ago. Lets get more right wing, and whoever doesn't want to, well, there is Canada. I can only hope Miers is anti-ACLU, anti-take God out of schools, anti-get rid of Boy Scouts, and pro-national morality, pro-Ten Commandments in the court house, pro-"one nation under God". I'm looking for hard-core conservatives who have a spine, and will say "these are our views, mainstream or not". God bless you all


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