Sunday, September 04, 2005

This is a blog, not free advertisement.

Howdy, I've noticed a increase in the number of comments lately. This is good in a way; however, I want to make something very clear:

1. Comments should not advertise for a non-blog site, unless its just a link to ones site with no advertisement in the comment.
Comments that resemble the below are toast.
"Great Blog, I'll be back. Another great site is (site link here), you might want to try it".

2. Any vulgarity in any comment will result in immediate removal from the blog.

3. Any comment put on just to advertise a non-blog site will be deleted.

I appreciate comments such as the one on "Christmas in September". The writer is courteous, and encouraging. He links to a site, but he doesn't advertise it, it is modestly put in on the bottom with no referance to it in the comment. Please if your want to put a link in a comment don't make it the center of the coment. God bless you all!


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