Saturday, April 23, 2005

Florida in trouble.

Do you know that of all the people who rape in Florida 90% have a record of raping? So why sre these judges continually letting these guys of the hook? An piece of advice to voters in Florida, do not keep electing these guys! This is a danger to you your children and grandchildren. Put a judge in there who will do something with the rapists and murderers other then let them go. Start a rehab center heavily guarded of course for these mentally ill people.

Now you get my view of the war in Iraq. I support this war whole-heartedly. British Secret Service, Russian Secret Service, and our own CIA all said they have weapons of mass destruction. Besides that Sen. Kerry saw this and voted for it(before he flipped and voted against it). People all over are saying we should not be in there, well at the begining of the war Iraq fired scud missles. Which they were not supposed to have, if we had of waited until now they may have killed alot more of us. This is not an issue of weather we support our troops or not. I think any sane American supports our troops, and that is one reason why some want them back home while others want them over in Iraq, fighting the terrorists on their own soil. Or we could wait until they fly a plane into Lady Liberty, or the Empire State Building. So Saddam needed to be removed he killed probably in the millions of his own people. This guy was a tyrant who ranked with the likes of Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, and Adolf Hitler. Hitler had no WMD's and no one complains about us going to war with him, Hitler and Hussein both commited the same hideous crimes just on differant scales. We are in war on terror, Iraq was a terrorist state just like Afghanistan so we had to go in there weather they had WMD's or not.

Now to touch on another offensive issue, abortion. First of all I think that if we are going to have abortion that the mother should have to have her child and before they cut the cord the mother should have to kill it, not make the doctor do their dirty work to clear their consience. Even though life has started at that point the thing is still alive inside the womb. One says "well thats murder". Exactly! welcome to what our nation is really doing. If a women has been raped I think punishing that child for the crimes of its father is unthikable. If she does not want the child have it and put it in an orphanage, or give to a relative who is willing to take care of it. It is that simple. if the mother will die at birth I think God will take the mother when he wants her anyway so she might as well have a child. Now all you liberals can say I would take away a womens right to kill her unborn baby, durn right. Science says a little germ cell without a nucleus is alive, so I think we can say that little child is alive when its just being formed. God bless you all


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