Saturday, July 16, 2005

Just Blog'n 14

Visit American Patriot Party

Hey, up there is a link to a new, very small third party. I thought they actually had good views for the most part. I think people need to be more open minded to third parties. Indeed, I hate the big two-party system we have, are we really free when Iraq has over 20 well known presidential candidates and we have two? Not alot of choice there. But there are other parties, and I think America needs to pay more attention to them. Don't get me wrong many of the parties are comprised of complete fools. But some of them are good, better then the major parties. So give every party a fair option, I considered myself Republican until I started looking at how much more in common I had with some of these third parties (Constitution, APP, CAP). Infact those three are so alike right now I think they should combine. Anyway lets give every party a fair chance.


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