Tuesday, July 05, 2005

July the 5th

Welcome, greetings and salutations, I'm kinda upset about some political thing again. In a local newspaper yesterday there was a whole section of teens and kids who wrote about what the flag means to me. But at the end of the thing it thanked everyone who wrote and said "may you all grow up to be good, loyal Democrats" With denocrats in large print. I have nothing against political parties advertising themselves, but they made it sound like anyone who is not a democrat is not a good person. In this state Democrats outnumber Republicans about 2/1. They have been losing more support and more elections in recent years though, so they try to make it sound like they are the only good people, thats disgraceful, they cold ahve said "register Democrat" or something like that, but they have to go that low to make themselves look good. I can not do to much about it but I will do what I can, anyway God bless you all.


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