Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Third Parties

Hey I know most of you view third parties as groups with no real purpose, but most of them actually have some guts and practice what they preach. So for any of you who will soon be registering to vote I am going to give you some of the main views of the major third parties. (If I mess up on any of this ley me know).

1. Libertarians: This party, which claims to be the largest third party is liberal on some things, and conservative on others. They are pro-abortion, believe in the right to bear arms, against the war in Iraq, for more of their views visit

2. Constitution: The name is self-explanatory, even though there are two parties by this name. This one wants to decrease federal government back to its constitutional limits, anti-homo marriage, pro gun rights, and pro life, for more info visit

3. The Green Party: This party is fairly liberal, but they are pro gun rights, pro abortion, want to save our enviroment, and against the war in Iraq.

There are many other third parties, but I will try in discuss them later,you can read about any party at God bless you all


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