Monday, July 04, 2005

Just blog'n 10(?)

Happy Fourth of July!

It is approximately America's 230th birthday, No offense to anyone from England, but I'm related to Gen. Nathaniel Greene, and we walloped you guys.

Now if our nation would hunger for God half as much as it hungered for freedom think of how much better of we would be. Do not tell me I'm imposing my morals on you, no one is making you read this blog, if you're here its obviously because you want to read something, and I choose what is said. And besides you telling me that, by your standards is imposing your views on me. Anyway before I upset every evolutionist and Democrat here I will try and chage subjects from bringing you down, to bringing God up.

First I thank God for all the silly people who save the world from boredom, next I pray for all of my friends who have specific needs and problems, especially the campers, I also pray for ths staff I had the previlage of working with. And most importantly, I thank God for sending His Son, Jesus, to save us from our sins

I would like to rant about many various things now. I cannot stand people who cause division in the Church, in many cases what they do causes the amputation of parts of the Body of Christ. Denominations are another thing, I'm a Pentacostal by and by, but I will not go to a church based only on denomination, we as Christians need to stop arguing about doctrine, get together and let God have His way, then we know none of us are in the wrong if we are doing God's will.

We also need to stop worrying, according to Romans 8:28, everything will work together for the good of those who love God. So no matter what happens God will take care of it and use it to our benefit.

I have alot to say but blogs this big take a long time to publish, and I will break it up into smaller blogs so keep reading, and start commenting


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