Saturday, August 20, 2005

Down With Xanga, And Shorten Our Alphabet.

Howdy, I'm well aware that many people are now bloging on xanga. The name alone clearly puts blogger at the top spot. Would you want to get a chicken sandwich at McDonalds over Chick-Fil-A? So give me your reasons for not blogging on Blogger. And on blogger we can choose if people outside the blogger community can comment. Clearly blogger is better.

And why would you use a x in place of a z, one would pronounce xanga as zanga. So whats with the that. I say we eliminate x from the alphabet, and when we write something like X-Ray,just put a line down the middle of the z giving z two forms. And phone, f sould replace the ph, fone, we eliminate extra typing and writing. Thats also one less rule to be taught. All silent letters should be gone, such as when you have pn the n is silent, if your not gonna say it why does the english language put it there. I sincerely believe we can eliminate the letter K entirely, Karl would become Carl, Kipper would become Cipper, thus making C able to represent all long K sounds.

We could also eliminate several words from our language. Rather then having words such as great, excellent, fabulous, we could have, good, plusgood, and doubleplusgood. And rather then bad we would ungood, twiceungood rather then terrible and so on. Fast would eliminate slow by having unfast. We could do this with several words. God bless you all.

P.S. If any English perfectionists heads are spinning sit down, count to ten and admit "English isn't a perfect language". If your going through denial about this then comment and we will get a English Anonymous group counsleing service running.


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