Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just Blog'n 27 (I think)

Hello, not much going on here. Having some troubles in scouts with racial terminology, its very frustrating, these are Boy Scouts were talking about here, not gang bangers. Boy Scouts shouldn't have this problem, and I don't really car if its white to white, black to white, black to black or any of the many other combinations you can come up with. We do not need racial terms like cracker and the n-word (which if I say I could have my blog flagged). Lets just stop using these terms, my theory is if you wouldn't do it infront of a cop, say it infront of your mother, or say it infront of your pastor then don't say it at all! I don't remember Jesus using the terms I listed above, so what right have we to say them? While it is true they probably didn't have those exact terms there were racial terms. Anyway lets stop shouting against racism and still use these terms, how hypocritical are we? Anywho, God bless you all!


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