Friday, May 12, 2006

In His Steps

I suppose it would be fitting to give an explanation of the title of this page. My title is inspired by the book "In His Steps" by Charles Sheldon. I recently finished reading the book, this time the whole time through.

The plot of the book is the pastor of a prestigious church, with several wealthy members, challenges his congregation to go a whole year without making a decision before asking "What would Jesus do?", and honestly basing their decision on the answer to that question. I must say after having read it I am very challenged. When one really thinks about it it is easy to realize how far we are from really walking In His Steps. The Bible tells us that Jesus set an example that we should follow in His Steps. The reading of this book has helped me really define Christian discipleship, and how far I am from honestly following in His steps. The book Mr. Sheldon wrote has rocked the very principles upon which our comfortable, socially accepted church is built. And it was a beneficial earthquake. I would suggest anyone who is game for a new definition of discipleship should read it. Our church today could use a shaken like that.

God bless, and good night.


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