Sunday, December 04, 2005

Corporate Christmas Awards

Here are companies that have recieved some awards for this Christmas that I've come up with:

Target: Mr. Scrooge Award.
For complete exclusion of the term Christmas from your advertisements, and your employees greetings and farewells. Not allowing Salvation Army bell ringers. Hum-Bug!

Lowe's: The Grinch Award.
For using the term "Holiday" instead of Christmas in all advertisements (except in Spanish). Even though holiday means holy day we believe you are using it to avoid saying Christmas, and have no backbone. "Lowe's hated Christmas, the whole Christmas season!".

K-Mart: Santa Clause Award.
For using the word Christmas in advertisements,and having a Christmas section. This is a good award, unlike the two above, Merry Christmas!

Wal-Mart: Jack Frost Award.
For using Christmas in advertisements, and allowing Salvation Army bell ringers.
Merry Christmas!


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