Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Strength Of A United Church

What if the Church would stop bickering amongst itself and unite? How would that influance our country? Lets have a look.

The church could become the most powerful political force in the U.S. with 35% of the vote, while that is not the majority with three major political forces; The Church, Democrats, Republicans, she would be strong enough to: Elect several senators, split the electoral vote, be well represented in the House of Representatives, and possibly elect a president.

She would be strong enough to take care of most homeless people, fight to improve education, and make sure everyone has equal rights.

If the Church took its place we would not have state-sponsored religion, we would have a state that took care of all members equally, weather Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, or whatever.

On that note how many homeless shelters and community based organizations are sponsered by religins other then Christianity? Not many, an overwhelming number of Boy Scout Units are located in Church buildings, Christ-based rehab and homeless shelters are numerous, and several Christian colleges and schools.

These examples don't even scratch the surface of what the Church could do united, we would be strong enough to win the war for Christmas, end abortion, and everything else we want our politicians to do for us. God bless!


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