Monday, June 19, 2006

Splitting Church?

There seems to be a problem in the worldwide Anglican Church (Episcopal Church here in the States). Actually it is a problem that is not to far off from some of the other branches of Christianity. Should the church allow homosexual leadership? Let the bullets fly.

Biblically it cannot be denied that homosexuality is wrong. The counter argument seems to be that God accepts "Just as I am". While I firmly believe God accepts us just as we are, I do not believe He intends for us to stay that way. According to Romans 12:2 we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. If you can't admit your doing something wrong why do you need a Savior? I won't lie, I'm just as much a sinner as the practicing homosexual, or the alcoholic, or the liar, or the hypocrite, etc... But I am forgiven. I'll admit that I've sinned, and done things I shouldn't have done.

The issue in the Anglican Church right now is something that has caused much debate in the Scouting community; it even resulted in the Save Our Scouts Act of 2005. But this issue is not limited to the Anglican Church, the United Methodist Church in 2000 voted on it, and there are all sorts of homosexual churches springing up and non-homosexual churches that endorse it. Lets take a closer look at the issue.

In the American Baptist Church (ABC) May of this year the Pacific Southwest region voted unanimously to split from the parent demonination because it refused to deal with the acceptance of homosexuality in other regions. The ABC church of West Virginia narrowly rejected spliting. (

In the United Church of Canada after a vote allowing practicing homosexuals into the pulpit they went on to demand the government of Canada recognize same-sex marriage with legislation. ( By the way some 3.1 million Canadians identify themselves with that Church.

Just this June the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted 30-28 keeping a law it has restraining ministers to heterosexual activity inside of marriage. While I'm glad they kept the law the narrowness of the vote disturbs me. (

At any rate it is vital for us in the church to stand strong on the Word, and in a loving caring way reach out to the hurting homosexual community. God loves the homosexual just as much as He loves you and I, but He never loves when we disobey Him.


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