Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm Back

Well, you can let out your sigh of relief, I'm back. Maine was fantastic as it always is. I had many wonderful experiences there.

At the Aroostook Pentecostal Campmeeting I was baptized by the Spirit with evidence of speaking in tounges.

I went to another campmeeting with my second cousin (Many of my first cousins are considerably older then I due to the fact that my mothers siblings are many and spread out in years.) And it was excellent. It really drove home the point for me that God doesn't only move in one specific denomination. Don't get me wrong, I believe you must be a Christian to be saved, but there are many Christian denominations that hold many of the core Biblical beliefs, hence why we say we have "doctrinal differances". Any group that claims to be Christian must believe that Jesus Christ is the one and only Messiah and the only way to recieve salvation. Some of the differances among denominations are in regard to being baptized in water, how to serve communion, beliefs on divorce, etc... not questions regarding salvation for the most part.

I also had the privalege of seeing two real moose and one made of chocolate. One moose, just a baby, we saw on the way back from campmeeting; the other, a large and older female at Mount Katahdin. The life-size chocolate one was in a candy shop and by far the most mouth watering. It was 1,700 pounds of pure chocolate.

I also went on a whale watch, and saw a few finback whales and about 4 minkys. That was cool, considering finbacks are the second largest mammel on the planet. We also got to see multiple sea dawgs, as they are called up there. It was cool when I was on the bow and one was right in front of the boat and I got to see it swim away.

Anyway, before I bore you with more vacation details I'll get to more political business. The situation in Israel and Lebanon hasn't really gotten any less harsh. Here I want to ask anyone who might be knowledgeable about Biblical prophecy what they think. I'm just an amatuer when it comes to end time prophecy so if anyone has any opinions on this please just drop me a comment. God bless


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