Monday, April 25, 2005

Enough immorality

I am sick and tired of this nations immoral state. If someone does not get on the ball and do something our country is going to collapse. Maybe if you live in a small town (37,000 or less) like me you do not see much of a problem, but places like Detroit as many as 40% of high school age kids drop out, thats a pretty significant number. Whats causing this? A variety of things.

1. Immorality: If our youth would have some back-wheels(english slang look it up) and say I do not care what the majority is doing I will stand for what I believe then we might see alot less drop outs. Did you notice that when America was primarily Christian she overcame outstanding odds to defeat the most powerful country in the world? (look up the Revolution if you do not believ me). Now we go to war with a third world country and lose thousands. George Washington trusted God and with just 20,000 men was able to defeat Britains 50,000, they also had the largest navy in the world at that time. What if John Jay had ruled like our judges do today? I can not imagine God is going to put up with this immoral, ignorant, foolish, and irreverant nation much longer. 9/11 God did not take His hand of America, He only lifted a finger. How much longer are we going to let our nation decay. So saints willing to take a stand now? I sur am ready to give the devil a butt-whoppin. Seperation of the church and state is never brought up in the constitution

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE there of; or abridging the freedom of speech; or the right of the press; or the RIGHT of the PEOPLE PEACEABLY to assemble, and to petition the government fro a redress of grievences"

That is word for word what it says. The way I see it, it says "the government can not stop people from exercising their religion and the government can not make laws to control that religion". It says the government has no say over the church, it does not say "Religion shall have no say in the government, or the governments nonexistant right to oppress the church" So we see the state has no buisness in the church other then protecting it from being oppressed. Religion has whatever stance it wants in the state and the right to make that stance known.

So for any homosexual activist who wants to say the church has no say over you well yeah we do but we can not force to agree with it. If we want to say homosexuality is wrong we can, but you do not have to agree with us, but you can not say we have no right to say that. I firmly believe that we the church should stick with Romans 1:25-28 on this issue. At the same time I will not aviod being friends with homosexuals because as a Christian I am to show Christ's love to them. If you say " I do not want to associate with gays" then you are more than likely not doing what Jesus would ahve done. I give everyone a chance(or try to). As long as a gay does not claim to be Christian I will associate with them. I do not want to associate with posers who say they are Christian and are not. So if you want to blame everything on gays remember "your sin put Christ on that cross". It was just as much my sin and a gays sin and your sin as anyone elses. God bless you all and I will be praying for all the gays tonight.


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