Saturday, June 18, 2005

God is Amazing.

Hey we had the first week with campers and it went great. It was amazing to see how God moves through those campers. Probably 11 campers at least got saved this past week. I even had to opurtunity to help one guy out with some of his problems one on one, and the first night one of the Sr. counselours had to come and get me help answer questions his guys got so into devotions.
One night we sang "Trading My Sorrows" and we were instructed to go to the front of the chapel to pray with campers who wanted to "trade" stuff with God. Once up there we were told to start praying for the campers and at first I was praying generally from what I remember, and then I started praying for specific people and I think everyone I prayed for by name went up, its amazing how God works. Tomorrow we get the junior high kids, so keep praying.


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