Sunday, May 08, 2005

World full of lies.

We truly live in a world full of lies. One can hardly trust anyone with the following title: doctor, lawyer, politician, news broadcaster, advertiser. These occupations are full of snakes and wolves, all out to get you. However, there are some good people in these professions, thank God. Maybe if we would tell these people "we don't want it" then we would be rich instead of them. America is chalk full of stupid people who: buy their kids anything they see on tv, won't discipline their children, have no control over their life, and think McDonalds is what makes them fat, rather then their metabolism or lack of self-control. I tell you Micky D's shouldn't have to pay a dime to someone who ignore the large "Caution, Hot" print on their cup and burnt themselves. These IDIOTS do not want to take responsibility for teir STUPIDITY. I tell you its that same crowd that says do not spank your children as it is that sue McDonalds for all their problems. God help this dysfunctional society.


Anonymous amanda said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE r world needs some common sense or a slap over the head..

Thu May 12, 05:52:00 PM 2005  

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