Friday, May 06, 2005

Just Blog'n 4

Is it just me or are people getting much more rude then they used to be? This should not be tolerated, perhaps maybe if the older generation would show some respect we might have an example. Even though I know this is not entirely that generations fault they could have done better. I also know that there are people in our generation that are completly arrogant and a flat out disgrace.

For example in my 4th period class there are several people who are loud and obnoxious. When the teacher spots them on it they are like "you ain't hear me" or "I did'nt do it". These are the classic denials that these complete IDIOTS give. It is my personal belief that the teacher should be allowed to wallop kids like them. Obviously things such as in school suspension, structured lunch, and detention fail to do the trick. I would advise parents not to listen to they psychological fruit loops (Aussie for fool) that say not to spank your children.

These problems are not going to just go away. The disciplinary challenge is not being answered by the school board, or by the principal, or anyone else right now. Once again I will call upon studants and parents to do something. At my school the battle is pretty much lost, however you all still have the chance to fight.


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