Monday, May 16, 2005

Unlawful, Malicious!

Hear me out, Jesse Jackson is once again under fire. He made some comments about police firing 125 bullets, at an UNARMED man. Jackson calls this "attempted murder" and "an act of terrorism". Those are at least very close to his exact words. Mr. Jackson is not wrong here for the most part. The deputies started firing when a man in a police helicopter said that the driver was trying to run deputies over. So what should have been done is he should have been pulled over, they had not proven he was even doing anything illegal. Shoting 125 shots at any one person hitting them FOUR times is excessive. Murder is unlawful, malicious attempt of one human to kill another(see Funk and Wagnells). There was no real proof that the driver was doing anything dangerous, and 125 shots is rather malicious for anyone person, therefore these deputies were not defending themselves. Our stupid police have abused authority time and time again. I can now see how the term "pigs" can apply to many police. More than one dozen officers firing 125 shots at an UNARMED man is rediculous. Even if he was armed they still could not do anything if he was not shoting anyone or thing. It is his constitutional right to bear arms. Maybe when some power abusing deputy does this again he will feel what its like to have 125 bullets fired at him from multiple directions, being hit by 4 of them. God bless you all, and for goodness sake lets take a stand


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