Saturday, July 02, 2005

Parting is not sweet at all!

Well it was the last week and kind of depressing, my ministry at camp is over, we on the staff who have formed such strong relationships are parting, in the wrods of one of the senior counselors "it sucks that its over".

I must say God has done amazing things every week, and I've learned alot. I just hope and pray that the campers will never forget what they learned this summer. Campers if you read this I'm still thinking about you guys, and praying for you. I encourage you campers to stay on the straight and narrow, and let God have His will in your life.

Once again I wound up in the lake last night, once again it was Daniel rocking the boat, along with Joey B. Regardless of weather you've been in the water before, its still hard to make that transition from the boat to the water, kinda like jumping out a plane without a parachute, however If God says do thid and you're scared you better do it. I was very scared I was going to mess up everything being a junior counselor, but It's what God wanted me to do, and He helped me through it.


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