Saturday, June 25, 2005

Week 3 at HRCC

This week was cool I got to work with alot of the same kids I had two years ago when I volunteered. I think God used us to plant alot of seeds, and I know alot of people got saved, Hallelujah! I have not forgotten about my campers from teen week ya'll. In fact I met many of your siblings.

A secial word to any campers reading this. Do not forget what you learned at camp, do not fall back into old habits and sins that you know you need to get rid of. I am still praying for you all, and I hope you all are still praying and spending time in God's Word. Do not be discouraged when the world tries to bring you down, instead stand strong in the Christian faith, no matter whats happenng remember that "All things wotk together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his plan" (Romans 8:28).

Today one of the campers dogs came to visit, the camper being neighbors the dogs wander the camp alot, and today all the campers had gone and I was waiting with another staff member for my ride. The dog randomly starts barking and looking at me, even when I move it followed me with his gaze, I thought the dog might attack me, and I said "In Jesus name shut up" and immediately the dog was fine and quiet. God has given us power in Jesus name and we need to cling to God's promises and use it.

Monday starts Day camp, please continue praying for us out at the camp, we need your prayers, pray that we will have wisdom and energy and that God will guide us and open the doors to the campers hearts.

May the peace and good will of God be with you all.


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