Saturday, June 25, 2005

God might rock your boat.

If you have not read the "My first Job" post please take a moment to do that now as it will help you understand this post.

When I was canoeing that night I did not want to end up in the water, that canoe was my comfort zone on that lake, and when Daniel was rcoking my boat I got pretty upset and well scared. Eventually about eight feet from the shore Daniel was rocking the boat and I thought we would surely tip so I jumped out, and I had more fun swimming to shore and being wet and out of that canoe then I did worrying about leaving it.

The point is sometimes God wants us to leave our comfort zone and do something and really we do not want to leave, we are to scared, we let fear stand between us and God's will. If God starts to rock your boat sure you can choose to stay in and fight God, but it is alot funner once you've conqured the problem of leaving that zone and are out in the water, so to speak.

Daniel, I thank God for putting you there, you probably will never know how much you've helped me, thanks again for rocking the boat, it will probably be awhile after camp before you read this but thanks for everything. You have encouraged me and helped me tremendously


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