Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lets Think About The Children

I was reading an article about the Kentucky legislature, it turns out they passed a bill that stated rapes of same-sex types can be punished more severly by a few extra years in prison. The Supreme Court of Kentucky shot the bill down, stating that moral disagreement is not enough.

Well lets think about the children: 1. The pshycological damage for any rape can be catastrophic, let alone I personnaly know someone who is now gay because they were raped by someone of the same sex as a child. This person may always be confused from this point on, consider that.
2. The goverments power is derived from the people as we clearly see in the Declaration of Independence. If the people want a law like this, (provided it is not contradictory to our Constitution), then the people should be able to have one. I daresay most people will first think about their children when considering this.
3. It is well-known that this kind of sexual activety opens the door to more STDs then would more natural activeties.
I think the Kansas Legislature was well justified in making this law. God bless you all!


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