Monday, November 07, 2005

Samual Alito

Well, the third Supreme Court appointee in five months. This guy is the center of great controversy, as any might expect in the big to party system we have. I would like to see a fair trial given to Judge Alito, no 20+ hour filibusters.

This guy appears to be conservative, this pleases me. While Democrats will no doubt question "his ability to interpret the law without bias" I think we need to stand up and let them know that its their activist judges who can't even differentiate between "no law regarding the establishment of religion" and the seperation of church and state. I call into question weather Democrats are really upset with this corrupt country, or weather they have such an intense hatred of any state that comes up red on an electoral map that they have to scream " gay rights, abortion, we hate Republicans". Its time that the far left wingers realize that just because its there views does not make them that of "mainstream America". Indeed, judging by the 58,000,000 votes Bush got, a few million ahead of Kerry, we have to consider that maybe that 58,000,000 represents mainstream America. God bless you all!

P.S. Based upon what I know of Judge Alito, he has my full support, and until I find philosohpical judicial flaws, or soemthing of the like, he will have my full support.


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