Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The U.N. What has it done.

I have a bone to pick with the U.N. First of all, its been reported that the U.S. supplies something like 90% of the U.N. budget. Your tax dollars are sponsoring it. I might not mind that if the U.N. wasn't so ignorant.

They opposed us in the war on Iraq, they consistantly argue against us and our allies, even though they did give Israel back its land in the 1940's they have since demanded Israel to cede large portions of it to terrorists, and repeatedly rebuked Israel for defending herself.

"Well they keep the peace" you might say. Do they really? Have they kept peace in many war torn African countries? Didn't they pull their troops out of Rowanda when civil war was raging there? Some peace keeping force that is. Have they kept peace in Sudan? Have they done a thing in Iran other then wave a piece of paper in Iran's face and threat? Iran knows the U.N. doesn't have the backbone to do anything, that's why they are not going to stop uranium enrichment. Sure they will point out the death in Lebanon, but what about the Israeli's who have been blown away by rockets? They will bash Israel for killing some civilians who terrorists use as human shields, but they won't bash terrorists who are intentionally targeting the Israeli populace. If your countries fourth largest city was hit by rockets wouldn't you be upset? How would you react if Houston, Texas was shot with rockets? Or maybe if Glasgow, Scotland was shot with rockets? What if Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia was hit? If cities like that were hit the whole world would be outraged! But if Israel retaliates the whole world screams shame on them. This double standard is intolerable. Koffi Annon, Jacques Chirac, and other leaders owe a deep and most sincere apology to Israel.


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