Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oh, just some thoughts.


Has anyone ever asked you a question that made you think?

In case you don't know by answering that, thought was required, so everyone should have answered yes. But once someone asked me something that really makes one think. Did God ever make a mistake?

Just so you know where I'm going with this the answer is no. God has NEVER and will NEVER make a mistake. The ACLU is mans fault, not God's. The question was really asked to me though in reference to God's judgement on Isreal, and the Flood and things like that.

In all logic it is impossible to say God made a mistake. God is perfect so mistakes would be out of His very nature. His judgement on earth is absolutely justified. Because with His divine love there is also divine justice. In all justice God could not allow man to continue on his path at several points in history. Because God disciplines those He loves. I am reminded of when David sins by taking a census; and God says David can choose to be punished by man or by God. David chooses God because David says God may be more merciful then man. And I believe man would have done much worse to Isreal under David given the chance.

God also warned Isreal before He allowed Babylon and its enemies to conquer it. He gave them the chance to turn from there wicked ways. When they did not and God punished them it was in all justice.

Just something to think about. God bless!


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