Thursday, May 05, 2005


On the trip to NY some idiots brought alcohol. Today my school has a prom promise rally to try to get people not to drink and drive on prom night. They had a song and the person singing was one of those who is believed to have participated in the NY festivities. This is outrageous! If this person was drinking(and have like no doubt he was) he is being a hypocrite.
On another note would voters just give the third party some recognition? The presidential candidates who run for third parties have very strong views on many issues; yet they are ignored in debates, and find it almost impossible to get on the ballot. Do we really have freedom when Iraq has 20+ candidates who are all more or les equally known, and we have two? That is not a lot of choice.
I really hope some people in this country take some stands soon. And do not think I do not practice what I preach, on election day I talked with supporters of the other candidate, and wved a sign for my candidates. I debate polotics a lot, write senators, governors, representatives, and so on. And more importantly I pray for this country and these situations. God bless you all.


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