Tuesday, July 19, 2005


No, this is not about presidential elections, its about my scout troop elections.

I currently hold a position as a patrol leader, and the troop chaplain aid. In all likely hood I could get elected to almost any position I ran for; however, I would like to become SPL, senior patrol leader, and if possible maintain my position as troop chaplain aid. This might not be a possibility though, if i can only be one of those positions which should it be? I would like some insight as to what you people think.

On one hand the other guy that will likely run for SPL is just not a good leader, and has shown to be irresponsible as aspl, almost no one else has qualifications for this post.

One the other we really don't have anyone who is comfortable even praying over a meal, let alone preparing a sermon and presenting it, even though I would likely mentor any successor most of the scouts in this troop are not that spiritually mature.

Now maybe you all see the dilema, please comment and give me your insight.


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