Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hello Mr. President

Well, As many of you know the President will be visiting Morgantown WV this Fourth of July. And I get this message, Joey the scouts want to talk to you about the president on Monday call this number, so I call come to find out they want me to work as a ticket collector for the Presidential visit. When I found out the president was goping to be in Morgantown I got excited, but tickets were sodl out and so on. However I would have to go to a meeting tomorrow at 3:00, and my church is having a big celebration tomorrow, and I guess you can say I put God before the president of the United States, and I wanted to go to the celebration anyway where many staff from camp will be in attendance, I think its the biggest opportunity I've ever turned down. My reasons are correct though and my whole church family is expecting tomorrow so I feel I've done the right thing. But I'm glad I was even considered for something like this. Now I've given up alot to be in at the celebration tomorrow and I trust God that He's going to do something there that He wants me to be there for.


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