Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Affirmitive Action Or Special Rights?

After consideration of the matter I've come to decide that affirmitive action often results in certain groups recieving special privilages. Here is why.

While we don't see much segregation any more we still have a few problems. An all white school would be politically incorrect, however all black schools a acceptable, really neither should be if you really want everyone to be equal. Many schools have things such a black heritage clubs, but if someone was really proud of being Caucasion it would be inntolerable to start a white culture club, or something of the like; the person trying to start it would be considered a klansman.

On a school bus one driver will not allow male and female to sit together after some people tried some things. Some students complained because two homosexuals were sitting together which opened the door for the same trouble. When the driver seperated them he had to go before the school board because these students thought they were being discriminated against. Thank God the driver won that one.

These are just a few areas where affirmitive action has failed. If we really consider everyone equal then we wouldn't need all these laws, ad we wouldn't have statistics like "87% of urban African Americans are involved in crime". And we wouldn't make a big deal about Hillary Clinton being the first female to run for president, or people wouldn't ask "arn't you for a female president". I honestly don't care what the sex of the presidential candidates are, I want their views, and their credentials. God bless you all!


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