Monday, November 28, 2005

Me Agreeing With A Libertarian?

Just watched an interview on Hannity and Colmes, and on this program there was a libertarian guest, a pastor guest, and of course Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes. The debate: Is it a Christmas tree of a Holiday tree? This was sparked by a sign Low's had up, in English it said Holiday tree, in Spanish the word was Navidad, which is translated Christmas.

Believe it or not I agreed with the Libertarian more then the pastor. The Libertarian said that you can call it a Christmas tree or you can take it home and call it the easter bunny for all he cares, thats your right; however he was sick and tired of an attack on every symbol of Christianity in this country. He hit the nail on the head, see many people and groups (such as the ACLU), have decided that the term Christmas forces our Christian religion on them. Even though they make an invalid and contradictory point that might be for another day. Christmas is celebrated all over the world, and in the U.S. primarily as the birthday of Jesus Christ. While I know not everyone holds my views regarding Jesus(I'm full Gospel, Pentecostal, Christian), I challenge any member of the ACLU, any atheist, any skeptic of Christianity to say this is not Christ's birthday, and historically back yourself up. I know that the exact day is not recorded; however, there is sufficient evidence that Jesus was born on the 25th of December or somewhere there about. And by the way, be warned if you wich to argue this point, I have never lost a debate to an atheist, or an evolutionist.

Now if you still insist on calling a CHRISTMAS tree a Holiday tree, I would like to ask, what Holiday? You can try to cover it up, but Christmas is there. And by the way, here are some suggestions and points about changing the names of holidays, especially for members of the ACLU.

1. A minora would have to be called candle-ora.
2. We would have to be be visited by the holiday bunny, and paint holiday eggs.
3. We have holiday trees, but no holiday tree stands, only Christmas tree stands.
4. I have never seen a holiday light display, only Christmas light displays.
5. Christopher Columbus, and Martin Luther King Jr. were both Christians, I guess now you can have "America discovered day" and "Civil rights leaders day".
6. Martha Stuart only sells Christmas decorations, not holiday decorations.
7. Where might I purchase a holiday stocking?
8. 52 men who signed the Constitution were active members of a church, no more constitution day.
9. Lief Erikson was a Norse, his day in October is not ethnically sound.
10. Merry Christmas!


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