Sunday, July 03, 2005

Proud to be American

"American girls, american guys, will always stand up and salute will always recognize when they see old glory flying theres alot of men dead, so we can sleep at night when we lay down our head. My daddy served in the army, lost his right eye flew a flag out in our yard till the day that he died. Told my mother, my brother, my sister and me to grow up in live happy in the land of the free. Well now this nation that I love is falling under attack, some might sucker punch come flying in from somewhere in the back, well as soon as we could see clearly through our big black eye boy we lit up your world like the Fourth of July."

I may not always be proud of this countries actions, or where it stands, but I tell you what, I will be dead before terrorists take this country. There are few things or beings I would die for but three of them are: my God, my country, and some close friends and relatives, in that order. In all honesty I do not want to join one of te branchs of the armed forces, but if thats asked of me "well I will bear that cross with honor, because freedom don't come free."

I pray that God will guide this country, and continue to bless it, Now make no mistake, my God comes before my country. Thats one reason why I will only pledge to "one nation UNDER God". And this nation is turning from God very quickly, and I do not want to see this country I love so much fall in that trap.


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