Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Evolution VS. Creation

Mutation, adaptation, big bang, natural selection, all these evolutionary terms, when taught in school seem to make sense, and have substantial evidence. But when put up against Creation does all this evidence stand a chance, if you look at it fairly, and without biased evolution can't compete with Creation. So I am going to put some posts up in the next few days to try and dismantle the evolution argument, starting with three major flaws in evolution.

Three fatal flaws in evolution.
Evolution is full of unsolved problems. Evolutionary scientists always seem to be on the brink of making major breakthroughs in evolution, but never quite get there.

Here are three easy-to-remember fatal problems with evolution. To be honest, we believe they show that evolution could never have started. So trying to find missing links and other proofs of evolution is really wasting time unless these three problems are overcome. Unless evolutionists solve them, creation will remain the only explanation supported by currently known facts.

Fatal problem No. 1
There is no scientific law that allows something to evolve from nothing.

If there was nothing in the universe to begin with, obviously nothing would happen to cause anything to appear. Our observations and common sense show that without a creator you won't get anything, let alone everything. Evolution fails completely on this count in the areas of science, common sense, and observable fact.

Fatal problem No. 2
No scientific law can account for non-living things’ coming to life. The dirt and rocks in your garden don't turn into trees and flowers. Plants come from seeds, cuttings, or grafts from other trees and flowers. Life simply does not arise from things that have never had life in them.

Evolutionary textbooks teach that at some time in the distant past, life arose from non-living substances. But biology has found no law to support this idea, and much against it. The invariable observation is that only living things give rise to other living things. Life could not begin if God and miracles took no part! Evolution fails to give a credible explanation for how life could begin.

Fatal problem No. 3
There is no known scientific law that would allow one kind of creature to turn naturally into a completely different kind.

Fish don't turn into amphibians, for instance, because fish don't have genes to amphibians.

The theory of evolution teaches that simple life-forms evolved into highly complex life-forms, such as fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. There is no natural law known that could allow this to happen. The best that evolutionists can come up with to try to explain how this might have happened is to suggest that it happened by mutations and natural selection.

But mutations overwhelmingly destroy genetic information, and produce creatures more handicapped than the parents. And natural selection simply weeds out unfit creatures. Natural selection may explain why light-colored moths in England decreased and dark moths proliferated (because during the industrial revolution the light moths on dark tree trunks were more easily seen and eaten by birds), but it cannot show how moths could turn into effective, totally different, non-moth creatures. Neither mutations nor natural selection explains how new genetic information could get into an organism's genetic code to produce a totally different kind of creature.

All the evidence is on the side of the Christian who believes the Bible's account of creation — that in the beginning God created the world and all the major types of creatures to reproduce “after their kind”.


There is a persuasive argument, with the source cited. God bless you all


Blogger ryan said...

I really enjoyed reading this and I think you have something here.

It bothers me greatly that the "theory of evolution" is no longer being taught as that, a theory. Rather it is now being taught as fact. Good post.

Come check my page sometime. There are some pretty heavy talks happening.

Tue Sep 30, 04:05:00 AM 2008  

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